Screen shot:

Sample screen shot from Hokm V1.1 Card Game.

Screen shot:

Sample screen shot from Hokm V1.0 Card Game.

How to play Hokm


Hokm: Basically means Trump. Haakem/Hâkem: Means ruler or governor. Haakem is a person who will declare/select and announce the Hokm or the Trump suit at the beginning of each round.


Hokm (meaning Trump) is a challenging and popular card game that has been played in Middle East particularly Iran/Persia for many centuries. It can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. When played with 4 players, it is played in partnership in which players sitting across from each other will pair up to be partners. Hokm played in pairs is usually more challenging and exciting and it’s more often played and since, this game is based on 4 players, the rest of this guide will focus on 4 players Hokm game and the strategies that could be used. Note: Hokm is played in slight variations. Please follow these instructions for the rules and scoring to see what we have implemented in this game application. Also, this is the single player version of this game. You are the first player will partner with third player sitting across from you. This game application will make all the decision on behalf of 2nd, 3rd and 4th players. Since, this is the first version, please let us know if you find any issues.

Selecting Haakem or Trump Picker:

Starting a new game requires determining who will be the first Haakem. Haakem selection process takes place by having one person dealing cards face up to each player. The first player who receives the first Ace will be the first Haakem. Dealing and playing hands are always done counterclockwise.

Cards Precedence:

Hokm uses the usual standard 52-deck of cards. The order of the suit from highest to lowest are as following: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.


Since the game is always played counterclockwise, after selecting the Haakem, the person sitting on the left hand side of the Haakem becomes the dealer. After shuffling the cards, dealer will let the Haakem’s partner to cut the deck and then Haakem will receive 5 cards from the dealer in which he/she needs to select the Hokm/Trump from this set. After announcing the Hokm, the dealer will continue dealing 5 cards to rest of the players including himself. The rest of the cards are dealt in sets of 4. At the end each player will have 13 cards.

Playing the Game:

Haakem always gets to play first by laying down one of his cards face up. Everyone else must follow the same suit playing their hand. If a player can not follow the led suit, that player could play any card including trump. The highest Hokm/Trump card in any sets of 4 cards is the winner. If no Hokm/Trump has been played, then the highest of the led suit wins the trick. The player winning the trick (trick-taker) will get to go next. Everyone else must follow as before.

The team winning 7 tricks in each round will score one point. If a team wins no tricks in a round, then the opponent scores 2 points. The team scoring 7 points first wins the game.

If Haakem’s team wins the round, then dealer and Haakem will stay the same and the game starts with a new round as usual. However if the Haakem’s team loses, the next Haakem is the next player counterclockwise (right side) and Haakem becomes the next dealer.


How to use Hokm V1.1

Main Menu:

Main menu is a slide up scrollable menu. When you touch the Menu Title Bar, it slides up and touching anywhere on the table or the menu title again, will close the menu. Note: Main menu is not available while the dealer is dealing. Here are the menu items available in Main Menu:

1) New Game: Select this option when you want to start a new game.

2) Quit: This option will take you to the Hokm Main Page.

3) Settings: Will take you to Settings page where you can customize your game application based on your user experience and preferences.

4) Auto Play: See the section below on how to use this feature.

5) Flip: Flips the player’s cards face up or down. Cool feature if you are in doubt if players are playing their hands correctly or you are new to Hokm.

6) Help: Opens the help page.


When you first start Hokm game, the application defaults to a predefined set of settings. You should use “Settings” to change these settings based on your preferences. Here are the available settings:

1) Player names 1 through 4.

2) Dealer and Player Speed: Player speed is the actual player 1 through 3 response time. If you chose “Auto Play”,
player 1 speed will also be tied to this player response time.

3) Hide Players and Trick numbers. We added the option to either hide or unhide character s depending on user preferences. You can also hide/unhide Trick numbers. Trick numbers are indicators to show who went first in order to show the led suit and who won the trick.

4) Wait after Trick: If you select “Yes”, then you need to touch the table to continue. Otherwise the speed that the trick is removed is tied to player’s response time in option settings number 2 above.


Selected Haakem will have a glow around his name box. Also newly selected Hokm will be displayed in this player box indicating further who the Haakem is along with the selected Hokm.

Auto Play:

If you set the setting for “Wait after trick” to “No” and you select “Auto Play” from Main Menu, then game will continue playing on its own. This is a cool feature for those who have never played Hokm before. The game will also continue using the same setting for speed. You might want to adjust these settings while using “Auto Play” based on your own preference. If Auto Play is on and you move out of the Hokm Game room, you will be prompted with a message to
turn this feature off.

Card Selected:

When touch a card, if the card is valid it will be indicated with a frame around it. Once the card selected you can touch anywhere on the screen to continue playing your card. You can also drag and drop this card to the center, if you have selected the right card.

How to use Hokm V1.0



Player 1. You are always player 1. You are partner with player 3.


Player 2. This player partners with player 4 sitting across from him. Player, who is Haakem has a glow around his head.


Player 3. You are partner with this player.


Player 4. This player partners with player 2 sitting across from him.


Displays the selected Hokm/Trump chosen by either player.


Shows the score history.


Message center.


Starts a new game.


At different stages in the game, you need to hit continue for the game to proceed. This will give you a chance to follow the game more closely.


Game options. Allows you to select “Dealer Speed” and enable/disable Flip/History buttons.


Toggles 2nd, 3rd and 4th players’ cards face down or up. In a real Hokm game you can’t look at other players’ cards. We have added this option to make it easier to learn the game. 


Displays all cards played so far. In a real game you can’t look at the cards that have been played by the players. You need to keep track of what cards have been played by all players including your own cards.


Shows who went first and the winner card in red.

If you find any issues, glitches or if you have any suggestions, please forward an e-mail to: Please also visit for additional help, support and Faq.