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Sample screen shot from Hokm Live V1.0:




Game Info:

The Entrance:

The Lobby:

Sending Private Messages

Sending Public Messages

Sending Credit Gifts

Creating Public/Private Game Rooms

The Game Room:

The Audience:

Playing your card:

The Ranking:

The Shop:



Game Info:

***** HokmLiVE requires Facebook login *****

HokmLiVE is a universal multiplayer game application tested on all different iOS screen sizes such as: iPhone 5, iPad, i Pad and iPad Mini.

HokmLiVE connects to a dedicated server in order to provide the ultimate multiplayer user experience.

Game Features:

  • Meet in Lobby
  • Chat in lobby all you want
  • Send credit as gifts to your friends
  • Allow Audiences to watch while you play
  • Chat in game room
  • Gain game points as you play


The following diagram depicts the over game architecture.



Auto Lock:

Note: Auto Lock has been turned off. Don't let your device running the game app unattended, if you are not planning on playing the game.

The Entrance:

A) Facebook Login: You must be login in with your facebook credentials in order to get authenticated and be able to use the game app.
Note: We only use your picture for game display and no other information even your name will be used by the app.

B) Hokm Server Connect: Once authenticated to Facebook, if this is the first time you are using this game app, you need to select/register a username that will be used throughout the whole game app. After successful registration, subsequent logins will automatically uses your existing username.

Note: Your username can't be changed.


C) Enter Lobby: After successfully connecting to Hokm Server select "Lobby" button to enter lobby.
All game users enter game room as audience. If there are any seats available, selecting the seat will allow the audience to join
the game.

Private room Creation cost one token. All users, regardless of being audience or players will be charged 1 token to enter private game room.




The Lobby:

A) These buttons are only available when current user selects a user other than himself/herself from the Players list. When turned on you send credit gift or private messages to the selected user from the list.

















B) Private messages between users are indicated with (PM). Before creating a private game room you can send the password to your buddies using private message.









C) The players/user list will always get updated as users/payers enter or levee the Lobby.

D) Indicates the number of messages sent by Admin which are currency available and need to be read in the notification list. These message could include server shut down notices or new game app version availability. 

Displays a list of current game rooms available. Selecting a room will take you directly to the game room unless the room is private when you have to enter a password.

Note: Joining a private room cost 1 token. If for some reason you get disconnected and you join a room again you will not be charged again. However, if you try rejoin and you have zero balance you have purchase additional tokens before entering the room even though you still won't be charged.

Spectators entering private room will also be charged 1 token.

Private Room:

A key in the group icon in the game room listing indicates that the room
is a private room as shown in the following.



Public Room:

No key in the group icon in the game room listing indicates that the room is a
public room as shown in the following.






Selecting a private room requires entering a password or a key for the room. Password should have been already sent to you by the person who created the room.



















F) Display a list of list of notifications. Notifications
could indicate credit gifts to friends or Admin messages.






G) Select this button in order to create a new game room.

1) You must enter a unique name.

2) enter a password if you like to create a private room.

Note: Before creating a private a room you send the password to all your friends and spectators.














The Game Room:

A) Exit the room. You can always reenter and there will not be recharged if the room was private since you have already been charged. You can join the game again if seats are still available.

B) List of spectators. If you are a spectator you can select  any empty seat to join the room.

Name of current spectator or the player in the current game room.

Points gained/collected during game round. Points are
consolidated and then added to the overall points. You can redeem points for actual credit as shown in the following table

E) Chat.

Empty indicate that the seat is empty. If you are spectator you can select the seat and join the game. Blue and Red numbers indicates players number and black number indicates player current position with respect to the current view. You don't need to worry about either one of these.

G) Start button Only player one can start a new game.



Playing your card:

Select the card that you want to play. Since on smaller screen
sizes it is difficult to detect what card has been selected, car
selected will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the

Drag the card to the table and once the table color changes to blue you can let go of the selected card. If this is not the card that you want to play, move the card back away from table and once table is turns red again, let go of the card and the selected card will be sent back to the original position.

Note: Keep in mind that you can only play the valid cards.










Allow others as well as your friends to come and watch as you play.

Note: All players enter game rooms as audiences.
At any time if there are any seats available they can join the game.

















Sample iPhone Device.




















The Ranking

Ranking is based on winning 7 rounds.
Each complete set will add one point to ranking.

A) Indicates the overall ranking progress before reaching max goal.


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3





























The Store


















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