Screen Shot:

Sample screen shot from Hokm Card Game.


Please send all your support questions to:

Auto Lock:

Auto Lock has been turned off. Don't let your device running the game app unattended, if you are not planning on playing the game.


Hokm Server supports only limited number of concurrent users. Therefore, idle users are automatically disconnected from server after certain period.
If you are disconnected, you can always join the game again.

1. There is no charge for joining a private room if you have already used 1 credit already and you had to leave the room.
2.  There is no charge for playing/joining a game already in progress as other players have already paid therefore.
3. We are not responsible: If you pay for a game and you get discounted and try to join the game and someone else takes your place.

Remove Running HokmLive from Memory:

If you ran into any issues follow these steps in order to remove the currently running Hokm Live from the memory and start all over again.
1) Double click the Home button.
2) In the bottom of the screen where you see a listing of apps, Tap and hold down on any apps.
3) Click on Red button to remove the Hokm Live currently loaded.
4) Start your HokmLiVE app again.


HokmLiVE Remove