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Sample screen shot from Pasoor Card Game.



Posting on: 12/03/2011

Pasoor HD iOS game is having crash issues with the latest iOS 5. A fix will be available soon.

Posting on: 1/15/2011

We have noticed an issue when it comes to counting Clubs to keep track of the score. So far there are two issues with Pasoor V1.1 and we will be fixing them soon.
These changes will be available in Pasoor HD V1.0 (for iPad) which should be available soon.

Posting on: 1/8/2011

We have noticed a small glitch while counting numeric cards up to 11 when collecting cards from table and we will try to fix this issue in the upcoming version.

As far as counting clubs for score, we have not noticed any problem. Please keep in mind that, club counts goes only up to 7 and after that any club score is not counted.

Also, when scoring Soors, if you score a Soor and your opponent had already scored a Soor, these two cancel each other out. In the other words, if your score is 35 and you score a Soor, and you opponent’s score is already 45 which includes a Soor, then the new score will be 35 and 40 respectably.

Posting on: 11/17/2010

Know Issue:
Recently there has been new crash log reported related to iOS 4.1. We have fix coming soon,  If you are currently using a device running on this OS. There are no crash logs reported for iOS 4.0, iOS 3.2, iOS 3.1.3 and iOS 3.1.2.

Posting on: 07/14/2010

1) We have found couple bugs related to scoring and Soor option setting related to “Score 50 above”. We are currently working on these issues.

2) So far we have two requests to add stats and saving game state.

Depending on all other priorities we try to get these features in our next upgrade.

3) Thanks again to users “here in cali” and “thespaciousmind” (Dave) for providing us with positive feedback. Your comments and suggestions will help us make better software.

4) Users have been asking which game is easier to learn: Passor or Hokm? The answer to this question is Pasoor.

5) Please keep in mind that Main menu is a slideup scrollable menu. When you touch the "Menu Title Bar" it slides up and touching anywhere on the table or the menu again will close the menu. Please scroll to left and right to see all “Menu Items”. Here are the menu items available in Main Menu:

1) New Game: Select this option when you want to start a new game. 2) Settings: Will take you to Settings page where you can customize your game application based on your user experience and preferences. 3) Card Back: You can change the card back using 10 different types. 4) Score: Takes you to score page where you see the score for each round. 5) Flip: Flips the opponent’s cards face up or down. Cool feature if you are in doubt if the player is playing his/her hand correctly or you are new to Pasoor. 6) Quit: This option will take you to the Pasoor Main Page. 7) Help: Opens the help page.

Posting on: 06/30/2010

Pasoor V1.0: We got a lot of requests to make this game available on is on iPhone/iPod.  Pasoor V1.0 has been approved and available for download. It includes lots of cool features. You can download the game via:
If you download the game, please add your review and comments.  It helps us make improvements to future upgrades.


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