Screen shot:

Sample screen shot from Pasoor V1.0 Card Game.

How to play Persian Solitaire:

Game Info:

Persian Solitaire is played using 2 card decks striped from 2 through 6. Therefore, it includes 64 cards in all.







Cards are dealt face up in 8 columns or tableaus.

















Foundation Setup/Game Objective:

The game objective is to build 8 sequence foundations from Ace-to-King (i.e. Ace, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K) as shown to right:






Tableau/How to play:

Only last or bottom card in each column/Tableau can be either moved to foundation sequence or another column in descending sequences in alternating color (i.e. Queen of Clubs can be placed on King Diamonds or hearts).

Please also note that, cards can also be moved from foundation to columns/tableau again in descending sequences in alternating color.


Each card moved to foundation gets 5 points. Therefore, max score is 64 x 5 = 320.

How to play Persian Solitaire:

Main Menu:

Main menu is a slide up scrollable menu. When you touch the Menu Title Bar, it slides up and touching the menu title again, will close the menu. Note: Main menu is not available while the dealer is dealing. Here are the menu items available in Main Menu:

New Game: Select this option when you want to start a new game.
Settings: Opens the settings window.
Undo: Undo the last move. This will increment the undo counter and removes 5 points if a card is moved from foundation to column/tableau.
Redeal: Removes the cards from table back to the card deck and re-deal the cards again. In this Persian Solitaire cards are not shuffled.
Pause: This option will pause the game till the user selects OK again.
Quit: Selecting this option will stop the game. At this stage, the player has agreed that he has lost the game and no more moves are possible.
Card Back: Changes the card back to the next card back option.
Go Back: Goes back to the original menu.
Help: Opens the help page.


Selecting the settings from Main Menu will open the settings menu. Here are the available settings:

1) Player name: Your name
2) Redeals: This option can only be set before a new game starts or after a game over whether player has won or lost the game. It can’t be set during play. We have added this option to give players a better/higher chance of winning the game or increase the odds of winning since Persian Solitaire odds of winning is low.
3) Dealer Speed: Controls how fast/slow dealer should be dealing.
4) Volume: You can set the volume to either high, medium or off.


User Interface:

Most of the items on this page are self explanatory. Here what they are:

Score: Each time a cad is moved to the foundation this score gets incremented by 5. Each time an undo takes place and a card is moved from foundation to any tableau column score also get decremented by 5. Also, if the user moves a card from the foundation to any tableau column, score get decremented by 5.
Moves: Keeps track of number of moves that the user has made so far.
Deals: Keeps track of number of deals so far.
Undo: Keeps track of number of undo’s.
Time: Keeps track of time that has taken so far since the game started.



Playing your card:

Cards can be dragged to a new column or foundation. As the card being dragged to any other columns, if there are any valid last card in the column, card will be indicated with a frame around it to indicate that the move is valid move. Otherwise, the card will go back to its original position after the drag is done.

Game Over/Unlocking Redeal Option:

Game is over either when player moves all the cards to foundation or when the player selects “Quit” from
Main Menu. In either case game goes into game over state. At this stage Redeal option in setting window can
be changed to either 3 or 5.


Here is a sample screenshot from the game landing page.