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    We can chose from many different software engineering paradigms depending upon the complexity of software and the client needs. Regardless of which software engineering model we chose, most basic models cover similar phases that need to be executed in sequence of steps. These phases are: Definition, Development (Design, Construct, and Test), Maintenance and Support. We provide our services base on these phases since each phase requires delivering specific requirements needed by the next phase till software completion.

    Here is a list of different services that we provide as part of our life cycle software creations.

    Definition Phase:


    Also known as the “What Phase”, in this phase we work closely we our clients to understand their business requirements and map them to a functional design document that can be used in the development phase. In this phase we cover the following

    Development Phase:

    Also known as the “how to” phase, this phase constitute the following phases.

    .:: Design:


    In this phase an architectural plan is defined to implement and translates the requirements gathered in the definition phase into a software application.  All necessary components, their behaviors, and their interactions among each other are defined in this architectural document.  All algorithms, data structure, programming languages, high level objects, user interfaces, remote/distributes requirements, environments, and many other engineering aspects are defined.  All technical design in this phase will be documented and communicated through a technical design document which could include but not limited to the following:

    .:: Construct:


    The end result of this phase is the software product itself. In this phase we follow the architectural document or the technical design document as guidance in order to translate the requirements into building blocks and components. Some of the common tasks accomplished during this phase are:

    .:: Testing and Quality Assurance:


    Software is not complete unless it goes through rigorous testing in order to detect as much defect as possible. Although, some unit testing will be done during construct phase, in this phase we ensure that all components put together will make it through the following tests in order to meet the necessary quality.

    .:: Training:


    We provide full technical and software manuals and all necessary training in order to bring up all employees up to speed quickly in becoming productive in using and managing the new software.




    Maintenance Phase:


    Also known as the change phase, this phase focuses on fixing errors and bugs associated with the newly created and deployed software.  Two different type of change to the software could be encountered during this phase:



    If your project is already on the way, but you need additional resources, we can provide you with knowledgeable consultants and staff to help you finish what you have already started. Please contact us and provide us with the skill set that you need in order to continue with your project without interruption.


    iPhone Ideas:


    If you have ideas related to any type of iPhone application, and you don’t have the resources and the funding to implement your idea, we can work out a deal to bring your idea to life. We keep all ideas completely confidential whether we decide to implement them or not.