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iPhone Resources:

N Need to come up to speed learning iPhone development. Here are some useful resources.

Objective-C 2.0

iPhone Development


Need resources. Try the following books:

Service-Oriented Architecture

Understanding SCA


Web Services

A Joint White paper by BEA, IBM, Interface21, IONA, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Sybase

Service Component Architecture

Good blog on SOA and EDA


SOA Magazine


Open Service Oriented Architecture



We specialize in vast array of utilizing different programming languages. We have been leveraging  our extensive knowledge not only to come up with different software solutions for different clients but also to come up with creative solutions in order to integrate different programming languages to come up with design plans when one programming language falls short.  

Here is the partial list of tools and technologies that we specialize in:

Service Orientated Architecture (SOA):


Integrating disparate systems has always been the focal point for many companies in order to leverage features build in different systems that could create automation solution to streamline the business flow. Here is at HT we specialize in evaluating your existing systems in order to come up with solid design solution that could benefit running your business more efficiently.

Mobile Solutions:


Another crucial applications and in demand for many companies these days. With coming of iPhones and Blackberry, Mobile applications have made it very easy for individuals and employees to stay connected and informed without carrying bulky laptops. Here at HT, we can help in designing Mobile application that specifically meets your needs and requirements.

Please see our “Resources” section to learn more about Mobile technology specifically Apple iPhone.

Front-End Solutions:


Depending on different use case scenarios, we can evaluate, recommend and finally implement different type’s user interfaces for your applications ranging from Windows applications utilizing VB to even complex applications enterprise applications using AJAX. See the “Technology Glance” for a complete list of Front t End Solutions.

Back-End Solutions:


No application is complete unless it is ties to some sort of backend. We can help mix and match different User Interfaces to different backbends such as SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL depending on different client’s needs, type of application and other factors.